Digital Marketing is an appealing name at least caught my attention. The combination of Marketing and Digital seemed interesting to me, and in fact it is. The possibility of getting the message to our customer in real time on various devices and platforms is astounding.

Digital’s tools let you see if the Marketing campaign is succeeding or not. It is in this aspect, that the marriage of Marketing with Digital differs from Traditional Marketing. We know in real time if the investment we have made is working or not, and we have full control over our investment.

As Digital Marketer, I have the notion that the investment that clients make must be effective. The management of customer campaigns is done with rigor, detail and criteria. I carry out a daily analysis that allows me to follow the campaign as a whole without ever going on autopilot. I know that when all is going well there is always room, even if it is little, to improve.

I pay special attention to Google Ads, a tool available by Google that allows you to make text ads through search in the search engine itself, and ads in image / video format that will appear on thousands of sites. I can transmit the message in several formats, making it reach millions of people. In addition, it is possible to make several customizations to make our message more effective. Target audience by country, region, and language, the choice of devices that we want the ad to show, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, finally, we set the budget, which we are willing to invest per day and with possibility of making changes at any time.

These are the values I use in my daily life, which allows me to carry out a work with quality and that will generate value for the business of my clients and Make It Digital.


André Guerra – Digital Marketing & Sales Manager


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