The Eternal Question – To be or not to be Digital?

The eternal question for your company. To be or not to be Digital?

Come on, this is not a question anymore! Your company needs to be Digital! At Make It Digital we believe if there is a product or service, then it must be digital. If exists, Make It Digital.

We are not saying that you need to be on every single social network, on every single search engine and use all the digital things that are created on a daily basis.

But, we are saying that your company MUST use at least some of the actual digital solutions that will get you closer to your customers.

Digital is important mainly for 3 reasons:

1 – Marketing and Branding are changing

The majority of solutions that worked on digital 5 years ago are not working anymore. If the digital side is like this, imagine the offline solutions. Of course that an Offline presence must continue to exist but the marketing effort and budget must be allocated to Digital. Your customers need to see something different, something that can be different but that, now, everyone can understand.

2 – Everyone is Digital

You can try to avoid it, but your customers will look for you on a digital way. From a search on Google or your page on Facebook, they will look for you, because everyone are there, and all the time!!

3 – Relational Marketing

Offline Marketing and Online Marketing are very pretty but your customers feedback have a strength nowadays that didn’t exist few years ago. Your customers and your future customers will speak between them. Because they are online, the word of mouth is the best tool that your company can use. For that, your brand, beside being Digital, must create a digital relationship with the customers that are online, because they have relationships with your future clients and they want to know their feedback ?


At Make It Digital we help companies to choose and “attack”  the best digital solutions for their business. We don’t sell, we suggest. And most of the times, we suggest correctly ?

Are you ready to delete this digital eternal question from your head?

How about your company? Can we Make It Digital?

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If exists, Make It Digital